To use URL Content Redirection from a Windows client to a remote desktop or published application (client-to-agent redirection), you must install Horizon Client for Windows with the URL Content Redirection feature.

To enable the URL Content Redirection feature, you must use the Horizon Client for Windows installer with a command-line option. Instead of double-clicking the installer file, start the installation by running the following command in a command prompt window:

VMware-Horizon-Client-x86-y.y.y-xxxxxx.exe /v URL_FILTERING_ENABLED=1

To verify that the feature is installed, make sure that the vmware-url-protocol-launch-helper.exe and vmware-url-filtering-plugin.dll files are in the %PROGRAMFILES%\VMware\VMware Horizon View Client directory. Also, verify that the VMware Horizon View URL Filtering Plugin Internet Explorer add-on is installed.


Horizon Client 4.4 for Mac supports client-to-agent redirection by default. No extra installation steps are required. Horizon Client 4.2 and 4.3 for Mac do not support client-to-agent redirection.