The VMware Horizon vRealize Orchestrator plug-in provides automation, self-service, and delegated administration for Horizon 7 environments. End users can perform self-service functions and delegated administrators can perform provisioning functions on behalf of end users.

Table 1. Horizon vRealize Orchestrator Functions




All self-service functions are provided through vRealize Automation:

  • Self-provision and de-provision, or recycle, machines in existing Horizon 7 desktop pools

  • Self-service request and entitlement for applications and desktops

  • Self-service management of desktops, including the following actions: refresh, restart, recycle, logoff, and more

  • Self-service management of approving and automatically provisioning approved application requests

  • Self-service request for remote applications

  • Self-service request for an App Volumes application stack

Machine provisioning

  • Provision a machine into an existing desktop pool on behalf of an end user

  • Provision multiple machines for multiple users

  • Provision from vRealize Automation to create either Horizon or vRealize Automation machines

  • De-provision a machine on behalf of an end user and preserve the persistent disk if there is one

  • Perform maintenance operations on machines

Pool maintenance

  • Perform recompose operations on one or more pools

  • Perform pool-level functions and day-2 management operations on machines through vRealize Automation by using action buttons such as Manage Assignment, Manage Session, Refresh, and Recompose

  • Add managed and unmanaged virtual machines to manual desktop pools

  • Add vRealize Automation IAAS blueprint-provisioned machines to manual pools

  • Add physical machines to manual unmanaged desktop pools

  • Allow modification of the minimum number of machines in a desktop pool, pool display name, and number of powered-on machines

  • Perform duplication of desktop pools

Assignment and entitlement

  • Add users to and remove users from global entitlements in a cloud pod architecture