Before you recompose a linked-clone desktop pool, you must update the parent virtual machine that you used as a base image for the linked clones.

View Composer does not support recomposing linked clones that use one operating system to a parent virtual machine that uses a different operating system. For example, you cannot use a snapshot of a Windows 8 parent virtual machine to recompose a Windows 7 linked clone.


  1. In vCenter Server, update the parent virtual machine for the recomposition.
    • Install OS patches or service packs, new applications, application updates, or make other changes in the parent virtual machine.

    • Alternatively, prepare another virtual machine to be selected as the new parent during the recomposition.

  2. In vCenter Server, power off the updated or new parent virtual machine.
  3. In vCenter Server, take a snapshot of the parent virtual machine.

What to do next

Recompose the linked-clone desktop pool.