You must perform certain tasks before and after you install Horizon JMP Server, and before you can begin using the Horizon JMP Integrated Workflow features.

The following list provides a high-level description of the tasks that you must complete. The procedures for carrying out these tasks are described in the topics that follow this overview.

  1. Ensure that the JMP Server system requirements are met. See System Requirements For JMP Server.
  2. Create a SQL Server database that is used to store information about the JMP Server services that are created during installation. See Create a SQL Server Database for JMP Server.
  3. Create the SQL Server login that is used by the JMP Server host to connect to the SQL Server database that you created in the previous step. See Create a SQL Server Login for the JMP Server Host for more information.
  4. Ensure that the Windows user login that is used to install JMP Server has sufficient privileges to modify the SQL Server database that you created to store the information for the JMP Server services. See Granting Database Owner and System Administration Permissions for Windows User.
  5. (Optional) If the SQL Server used in the previous steps uses TLS encryption, import its TLS certificate into the Windows local certificate store on the JMP Server host. See the "Enable encryption for a specific client" section in the Microsoft TechNet article How to enable SSL encryption for an instance of SQL Server by using Microsoft Management Console for details on exporting and importing the SQL Server's TLS certificate.
  6. Install JMP Server. See Install JMP Server.
  7. Synchronize time between your Horizon Connection Server host and the Windows host for your JMP Server instance. See Synchronize Time Between Horizon Connection Server and JMP Server Hosts.
  8. Configure TLS certificates for your JMP Server instance to communicate securely with the instances of VMware Horizon 7 Connection Server, VMware App Volumes™ Manager, VMware User Environment Manager™, and other systems in your organization's network. See Configuring TLS Certificates and Cipher Suites for JMP Server.
  9. (Optional) Change the default cipher suites that your JMP Server instance supports with cipher suites that your organization supports. See Configuring Cipher Suites for JMP Server.
  10. (Optional) Use a more restrictive Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) policy on your JMP Server instance for an added secure communication with your Horizon 7 Connection Server instance. See Use a More Restrictive CORS Policy on Your JMP Server.
  11. Using Windows Systems Manager, restart the JMP Server services before configuring the JMP settings using "Configure JMP Settings for the First Time" in the VMware Horizon Console Administration document.