After changing any of the Service Account user passwords used during the initial JMP Server configuration, you receive an error message when attempting to perform tasks using your JMP Server instance.


While trying to perform JMP integrated workflow tasks with your JMP Server instance, you might see one of the following errors.
Error 1: "errors":{},"error":"Login failed","code":500}
Error 2: "Unable to contact AV Manager"
Error 3: "Users search fails in JMP Assignments" 


If you update any of the Service Account passwords that were used during the initial configuration of your JMP Server instance, you might receive one of the errors listed above because JMP Server is still using the old passwords. Error 1 might occur if the Horizon 7 service account password was changed. Error 2 might occur if the App Volumes Manager service account password was changed or if the service is down. Error 3 might occur if the Active Directory (AD) password was changed.


You must also update the JMP Server database with the new password information. Use the Ruby on Rails console to update the passwords stored in the JMP Server's SQL Server database.
Caution: Modifying values using the Ruby on Rails console might have a serious effect on your environment. If you are unfamiliar with the Ruby on Rails console, practice running commands in a test environment before applying changes in a production environment.


  1. From a Windows command prompt on your JMP Server host machine, navigate to the JMP Server XMS configuration folder and start the Ruby on Rails console.
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\JMP\com\XMS
    svmanager_run script/rails c production
  2. To update the password entries in the SQL Server database, use the following Ruby on Rails console commands .
    Table 1. Commands for Updating the Passwords in the SQL Server Database
    Action Ruby on Rails Console Commands
    Update the Horizon 7 password.
    Update the App Volumes Manager password.
    Update the Active Directory password.
  3. To update the password for the User Environment Manager instance, use the Edit UEM File Share dialog box in the UEM tab of the Horizon Console.
    See "Edit the User Environment Manager Configuration File Share Information" in the VMware Horizon Console Administration document.
    Note: If the AD password was also updated, you must update the AD password entry in the JMP Server SQL Server database before updating the password for User Environment Manager.