You can specify the JMP Server installer to use a SQL Server login that uses SQL Server Authentication login to access the SQL Server database that you created. Before you run the JMP Server installer, the login credentials for that SQL Server login type must exist for the JMP Server host.


Ensure that you have created the SQL Server database for JMP Server. To create the database, see Create a SQL Server Database for JMP Server.


  1. Log in to a SQL Server Management Studio session as the sysadmin (SA) or using a user account with SA privileges.
  2. In the Object Explorer pane, expand the folder for the SQL server instance in which you created the JMP Server database.
  3. Expand the Security folder, right-click Logins, and select New Login.
  4. In the Login - New dialog box, on the General page, enter a value in the Login name text box using ASCII characters only. Alternatively, click Search and use the Select User or Group dialog box to locate the login you want to use.
    Important: Non-ASCII characters are not supported.
  5. Select SQL Server authentication.
  6. In the Password and Confirm Password text boxes, enter a password for the new login name. Use ASCII characters only.
  7. If you are changing an existing password, select Specify old password, and then enter the old password in the Old password text box.
  8. Depending on your organization's policy, select or deselect the Enforce password policy, Enforce password expiration, and User must change password at next login check boxes.
  9. From the Default database list, select a default database for the login. The master database is the default value for this item.
  10. From the Default language list, select a default language for the login.
  11. Assign a sysadmin Server role for the new login account.
    1. Click the Server Roles tab in the Select a Page pane on the left side.
    2. In the Server roles page, select the sysadmin check box.
  12. Click OK.


The new login is added under the Logins folder in the Object Explorer pane.

What to do next

Create the SQL Server login credentials for the Windows Server user account that is used to install JMP Server. See Granting Database Owner and System Administration Permissions for Windows User.