You are unable to connect to your JMP Server instance.


While using Horizon Console to register your JMP Server instance, you might see the error message The JMP Server you entered is unavailable. Modify your entry or try again later.


The error message appears for one of multiple possible reasons. To determine the cause and the workaround, use the information in the following section.


  1. Ensure that the certificates are configured correctly.
  2. After you tried to register the JMP Server URL, review the HTTP response from the Web browser.
    If you received an HTTP response similar to the following output,
    {errors: {}, error: "Insufficient Horizon Privileges", code: 400}
    error:"Insufficient Horizon Privileges"
    use the following steps to verify that the user account that you used to log into Horizon Console has the sufficient administrator privileges.
    1. In Horizon Administrator, select View Configuration > Administrators.
    2. In the Administrator pane, verify that your Administrator user account appears as <domain-name>\Administrator (not as BUILTIN\Administrator) and that it is assigned full administrator privileges.
    3. If you see BUILTIN\Administrator, apply the workaround described in the Release Notes for VMware Horizon 7 version 7.5.

      For information about managing administrator permissions, see "Manage and Review Permissions" in the Horizon 7 Administration document.

  3. If there are JSON Web Token (JWT) messages in the Web browser's HTTP response that are similar to the following error message {"code":403,"error":"Error: Unable to verify Horizon JWT","error_code":"1044","error_type":"horizonJwtVerificationError"}, ensure that the times between your JMP Server host and Horizon Connection Server host are synchronized.