You provide a data recovery password when you install Connection Server version 5.1 or later. After installation, you can change this password in View Administrator. The password is required when you restore the View LDAP configuration from a backup.

When you back up Connection Server, the View LDAP configuration is exported as encrypted LDIF data. To restore the encrypted backup Horizon 7 configuration, you must provide the data recovery password.

The password must contain between 1 and 128 characters. Follow your organization's best practices for generating secure passwords.


  1. In Horizon Administrator, select View Configuration > Global Settings.
  2. In the Security pane, click Change data recovery password.
  3. Type and retype the new password.
  4. (Optional) Type a password reminder.


Note: You can also change the data recovery password when you schedule your Horizon 7 configuration data to be backed up. See Schedule Horizon 7 Configuration Backups.

What to do next

When you use the vdmimport utility to restore a backup Horizon 7 configuration, provide the new password.