After users log in to a client device or to VMware Identity Manager, they can connect to a published application or desktop without being prompted for Active Directory credentials.

Administrators can choose to set up the configuration based on user requirements.

  • Provide users unauthenticated access to published applications. Administrators can configure the set up so that users do not need to log in to Horizon Client with Active Directory (AD) credentials.
  • Use Log In as Current User for Windows-based clients. For Windows-based clients, administrators can configure the setup so that users do not need to supply additional credentials to log in to a Horizon server after they log in to a Windows-based client with AD credentials.
  • Save credentials in mobile and Mac clients. For mobile and Mac clients, administrators can configure the Horizon server to save credentials. With this feature, users do not need to remember AD credentials for SSO (single sign-on) after supplying them once to a mobile or Mac client.
  • Configure True SSO for VMware Identity Manager. For VMware Identity Manager, administrators can configure True SSO so that users who authenticate using some method other than AD credentials can then also log in to a published desktop or application without being prompted for AD credentials.