Global privileges control system-wide operations, such as viewing and changing global settings. Roles that contain only global privileges cannot be applied to access groups.

The following table describes the global privileges and lists the predefined roles that contain each privilege.

Table 1. Global Privileges
Privilege User Capabilities Predefined Roles
Console Interaction Log in to and use Horizon Administrator. Administrators

Administrators (Read only)

Inventory Administrators

Inventory Administrators (Read only)

Global Configuration and Policy Administrators

Global Configuration and Policy Administrators (Read only)

Helpdesk Administrators

Helpdesk Administrators (Read Only)

Local Administrators

Local Administrators (Read Only)

Direct Interaction Run all PowerShell commands and command line utilities, except for vdmadmin and vdmimport.

Administrators must have the Administrators role on the root access group to use the vdmadmin, vdmimport, and lmvutil commands.


Administrators (Read only)

Manage Global Configuration and Policies View and modify global policies and configuration settings except for administrator roles and permissions. Administrators

Global Configuration and Policy Administrators

Manage Global Sessions Manage global sessions in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment. Administrators
Manage Roles and Permissions Create, modify, and delete administrator roles and permissions. Administrators
Register Agent Install Horizon Agent on unmanaged machines, such as physical systems, standalone virtual machines, and RDS hosts.

During Horizon Agent installation, you must provide your administrator login credentials to register the unmanaged machine with the Connection Server instance.


Agent Registration Administrators