You can use Horizon Administrator to add a user or group to an existing global entitlement.


  1. Log in to the Horizon Administrator user interface for any Connection Server instance in the pod federation.
  2. In Horizon Administrator, select Catalog > Global Entitlements and double-click the global entitlement.
  3. On the Users and Groups tab, click Add.
  4. Click Add, select one or more search criteria, and click Find to filter Active Directory users or groups based on your search criteria.
    You can select the Unauthenticated Users check box to find and add unauthenticated access users to global application entitlements. You cannot add unauthenticated access users to global desktop entitlements. If you attempt to add an unauthenticated access user to a global desktop entitlement, Horizon Administrator returns an error message.
  5. Select the Active Directory user or group to add to the global entitlement and click OK.
    To restrict access to the global entitlement to specific client computers, select the Active Directory security group that contains the names of the computers that are allowed to access the global entitlement.
    You can press the Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple users and groups.