If you plan to restrict access to a global entitlement based on the Connection Server instance that users initially connect to when they select the global entitlement, you must first assign one or more tags to the Connection Server instance.


Become familiar with the Connection Server restrictions feature. See Implementing Connection Server Restrictions for Global Entitlements.


  1. Log in to Horizon Administrator for the Connection Server instance.
  2. Select View Configuration > Servers.
  3. Click the Connection Servers tab, select the Connection Server instance, and click Edit.
  4. Type one or more tags in the Tags text box.
    Separate multiple tags with a comma or semicolon.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.
  6. Repeat these steps for each Connection Server instance to which you want to assign tags.

What to do next

When you create or edit a global entitlement, select the tags that are associated with the Connection Server instances that you want to access the global entitlement. See Create and Configure a Global Entitlement in Horizon Administrator, or Modify Global Entitlement Attributes and Policies in Horizon Administrator.