During the Cloud Pod Architecture initialization process, the Cloud Pod Architecture feature creates a pod federation that contains a single pod. You can use Horizon Administrator to join additional pods to the pod federation. Joining additional pods is optional.

Important: Do not stop or start a Connection Server instance while you are joining it to a pod federation. The Connection Server service might not restart correctly. You can stop and start the Connection Server after it is successfully joined to the pod federation.



  1. Log in to the Horizon Administrator user interface for a Connection Server instance in the pod that you are joining to the pod federation.
  2. In Horizon Administrator, select View Configuration > Cloud Pod Architecture and click Join the pod federation.
  3. In the Connection Server text box, type the host name or IP address of any Connection Server instance in any pod that has been initialized or is already joined to the pod federation.
  4. In the User name text box, type the name of a Horizon administrator user on the already initialized pod.
    Use the format domain\username.
  5. In the Password text box, type the password for the Horizon administrator user.
  6. Click OK to join the pod to the pod federation.
    Horizon Administrator shows the progress of the join operation. The default pod name is based on the host name of the Connection Server instance. For example, if the host name is CS1, the pod name is Cluster-CS1.
  7. When Horizon Administrator prompts you to reload the client, click OK.
    After the Horizon Administrator user interface is refreshed, Global Entitlements appears under Catalog and Sites appears under View Configuration in the Horizon Administrator Inventory panel.
  8. (Optional) To change the default name of the pod, select View Configuration > Sites, select the pod, click Edit, type the new name in the Name text box, and click OK.


After the pod is joined to the pod federation, it begins to share health data. You can view this health data on the dashboard in Horizon Administrator. See View Pod Federation Health in Horizon Administrator.
Note: A short delay might occur before health data is available in Horizon Administrator.

What to do next

You can repeat these steps to join additional pods to the pod federation.