To use Horizon Administrator or the lmvutil command to configure and manage a Cloud Pod Architecture environment, you must have the Administrators role. Users who have the Administrators role on the root access group are super users.

When a Connection Server instance is part of a replicated group of Connection Server instances, the rights of super users are extended to other Connection Server instances in the pod. Similarly, when a pod is joined to a pod federation, the rights of super users are extended to all of the Connection Server instances in all of the pods in the pod federation. These rights are necessary to modify global entitlements and perform other operations on the Global Data Layer.

If you do not want certain super users to be able to perform operations on the Global Data Layer, you can remove the Administrators role assignment and assign the Local Administrators role instead. Users who have the Local Administrators role have super user rights only on their local Connection Server instance and on any instances in a replicated group.

For information about assigning roles in Horizon Administrator, see the Horizon 7 Administration document.