You can create JMP assignments more quickly by duplicating existing JMP assignments that are similar to what you want to create.


  • Ensure that the pre-requisites listed in Administering JMP Assignments have been met.
  • The JMP assignment you plan to duplicate must not be in a "Pending" or "Error" state.


  1. From Horizon Console, select Assignments (JMP).
  2. Select the JMP assignment you want to duplicate and click Duplicate.
  3. In the New Assignment wizard, modify the duplicated JMP assignment as needed.
    1. Select new users or groups, or remove any of the currently selected users or groups. Click Next.
    2. In the Desktops pane, select a new desktop pool or remove any of the desktop pools that was included in the duplicated JMP assignment. Click Next.
    3. Select additional applications to include in the new JMP assignment and deselect ones that are currently selected. Click Next.
    4. In the User Environment pane, select the User Environment Manager setting you want to apply to the new JMP assignment. Click Next.
    5. In the Definitions name, replace the default name created, if you want. Add a description and specify when you want the AppStack to be attached to the new JMP assignment.
    6. Click Next and review the summary of the details of the new JMP assignment.
    7. If the information is satisfactory, click Submit. Otherwise, click Back to make any corrections.


The new JMP assignment is validated, which can take some time. After it is successfully validated, the newly created JMP assignment is added to the list on the JMP Assignments pane. When you point over its name, you see that it is in a pending state until it is successfully saved to the JMP database. After the JMP assignment is no longer in a pending state, you can take any additional action on the assignment.