You can manually restore the Connection Server LDAP configuration files and Horizon Composer database files that were backed up by Horizon 7.

You manually run separate utilities to restore Connection Server and Horizon Composer configuration data.

Before you restore configuration data, verify that you backed up the configuration data in Horizon Console. See Backing Up Horizon Connection Server and Horizon Composer Data.

You use the vdmimport utility to import the Connection Server data from the LDIF backup files to the View LDAP repository in the Connection Server instance.

You can use the SviConfig utility to import the Horizon Composer data from the .svi backup files to the Horizon Composer SQL database.

Note: In certain situations, you might have to install the current version of a Connection Server instance and restore the existing Horizon 7 configuration by importing the Connection Server LDAP configuration files. You might require this procedure as part of a business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan, as a step in setting up a second datacenter with the existing Horizon 7 configuration, or for other reasons. For more information, see the Horizon 7 Installation document.