When a user launches a published desktop or application, a session is created. You can disconnect and log off sessions, send messages to clients, reset, and restart virtual machines.


  1. In Horizon Console, navigate to where session information is displayed.
    Session Type Navigation
    Remote desktop sessions Select Inventory > Desktops, click a pool's ID, and click the Sessions tab. The Sessions column also appears on the Desktop Pools page for all desktops.

    Select Inventory > Farms, click a farm's ID, and click the Sessions tab. The Sessions column also appears on the Farms page for all farms.

    Select Settings > Registered Machines, and view the Sessions column.

    Remote desktop and application sessions Select Monitor > Sessions.
    Sessions associated with a user or user group
    • Select Users and Groups.
    • Click a user's name or a user group's name.
    • Click on the Sessions tab.
  2. Select a session.
    To send a message to users, you can select multiple sessions. You can perform the other operations on only one session at a time. You can perform a log off operation only on a session that is not connected from a vSphere console.
  3. Choose whether to disconnect, log off, send a message, restart a desktop, or reset a virtual machine.
    Option Description
    Disconnect Session Disconnects the user from the session.
    Logoff Session Logs the user off the session. Data that is not saved is lost.
    Send Message Send a message to Horizon Client. You can label the message as Info, Warning, or Error.
    Restart Desktop Performs a restart operation on a virtual desktop, which performs a graceful operating system restart of the virtual machine.
    Reset Virtual Machine Performs a reset operation on a virtual machine without the graceful operating system restart, which performs a hard power-off and power-on of the virtual machine.
  4. Click OK.