You can attach a detached persistent disk to another linked-clone virtual machine. Attaching a persistent disk makes the user settings and information in the disk available to the user of the other virtual machine.

You attach a detached persistent disk as a secondary disk on the selected linked-clone virtual machine. The new user of the linked clone has access to the secondary disk and to the existing user information and settings.

You cannot attach a persistent disk that is stored on a non-vSAN datastore to a virtual machine that is stored on a vSAN datastore. Similarly, you cannot attach a disk that is stored on vSAN to a virtual machine that is stored on non-vSAN. Horizon Console prevents you from selecting virtual machines that span vSAN and non-vSAN datastores.

If you attach a persistent disk to a linked-cloned desktop pool that does not have persistent disk datastores, the persistent disk information appears under the Machines (View Composer Details) tab and on the Persistent Disks tab for the desktop pool.


  • Verify that the selected virtual machine uses the same operating system as the linked clone in which the persistent disk was created.


  1. In Horizon Console, select Inventory > Persistent Disks.
  2. On the Detached tab, select the persistent disk and click Attach.
  3. Select a linked-clone virtual machine to which to attach the persistent disk.
  4. Select the machine that the persistent disk will be attached to.
  5. Click OK.

What to do next

Verify that the user of the linked clone has sufficient privileges to use the attached disk. For example, if the original user had certain access permissions on the persistent disk, and the persistent disk is attached as drive D on the new linked clone, the new user of the linked clone must have the original user's access permissions on drive D.

Log in to the linked clone's guest operating system as an administrator and assign appropriate privileges to the new user.