You can export data from your Horizon Composer database to file.

Important: Use the SviConfig utility only if you are an experienced Horizon Composer administrator.


By default, Horizon 7 stores the backup files on the C: drive of the Connection Server computer, at C:\Programdata\VMWare\VDM\backups.

Familiarize yourself with the SviConfig exportdata parameters:

  • DsnName - The DSN that is used to connect to the database. If it is not specified, DSN name, user name and password will be retrieved from server configuration file.
  • Username - The user name that is used to connect to the database. If this parameter is not specified, Windows authentication is used.
  • Password - The password for the user that connects to the database. If this parameter is not specified and Windows authentication is not used, you are prompted to enter the password later.
  • OutputFilePath - The path to the output file.


  1. On the computer where Horizon Composer is installed, stop the VMware Horizon Composer service.
  2. Open a Windows command prompt and navigate to the SviConfig executable file.
    The file is located with the Horizon Composer application.


  3. Run the SviConfig exportdata command.
    sviconfig -operation=exportdata
    For example:
    sviconfig -operation=exportdata -dsnname=LinkedClone
    -username=Admin -password=Pass 
    -outputfilepath="C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View 

What to do next

For export result codes for the SviConfig exportdata command, see Result Codes for Exporting the Horizon Composer Database.