You can customize individual machines after a pool is created by starting the machines in maintenance mode.


  1. In Horizon Console, begin creating an automated desktop pool by starting the Add Pool wizard.
  2. On the Provisioning Settings page, select Specify names manually.
  3. Select Start machines in maintenance mode.
  4. Complete the Add Pool wizard to finish creating the desktop pool.
  5. In vCenter Server, log in, customize, and test the individual virtual machines.
    You can customize the machines manually or by using standard Windows systems-management software such as Altiris, SMS, LanDesk, or BMC.
  6. In Horizon Console, select Inventory > Machines.
  7. Select specific machines to release to your users.
  8. Click More Commands > Exit Maintenance Mode.

What to do next

Notify your users that they can log in to their desktops.