On a Connection Server computer, 10GB of memory is required for deployments of 50 or more remote desktops. A Windows Server computer with at least 10GB of memory is automatically configured to support approximately 2,000 concurrent tunnel sessions, the maximum number that Connection Server can support.

Configure less than 10GB of memory for small, proof-of-concept deployments only. With the required minimum of 4GB of memory, a configuration can support approximately 500 concurrent tunnel sessions, which is more than adequate to support small, proof-of-concept deployments.

However, because your deployment might grow larger as more users are added to the environment, VMware recommends that you always configure at least 10GB of memory. Make an exception only when you know that the environment will not grow, and memory is not available.

If you install Connection Server with less than 10GB of memory, Horizon 7 provides memory recommendations by generating warning messages after the installation is complete. An event triggered every 12 hours states that the Connection Server instance is configured with a small amount of physical memory.

If you increase a computer's memory to 10GB to support a larger deployment, restart Connection Server to ensure that the JVM heap size is automatically increased to the recommended value. You do not have to reinstall Connection Server.

Important: Do not change the JVM heap size on 64-bit Windows Server computers. Changing this value might make Connection Server behavior unstable. On 64-bit computers, the Connection Server service sets the JVM heap size to accord with the physical memory.

For additional hardware and memory requirements for Connection Server, see Hardware Requirements for Horizon Connection Server.

For hardware and memory recommendations for using Connection Server in a large deployment, see "Connection Server Maximums and Virtual Machine Configuration" in Horizon 7 Architecture Planning.