By default, a self-signed certificate is installed with View Composer. You can use the default certificate for testing purposes, but for production use you should replace it with a certificate that is signed by a Certificate Authority (CA).

You can configure a certificate before or after you install View Composer. In View 5.1 and later releases, you configure a certificate by importing it into the Windows local computer certificate store on the Windows Server computer where View Composer is, or will be, installed.

  • If you import a CA-signed certificate before you install View Composer, you can select the signed certificate during the View Composer installation. This approach eliminates the manual task of replacing the default certificate after the installation.
  • If you intend to replace an existing certificate or the default, self-signed certificate with a new certificate after you install View Composer, you must import the new certificate and run the SviConfig ReplaceCertificate utility to bind your new certificate to the port used by View Composer.

For details about configuring SSL certificates and using the SviConfig ReplaceCertificate utility, see Configuring TLS Certificates for Horizon 7 Servers.

If you install vCenter Server and View Composer on the same Windows Server computer, they can use the same SSL certificate, but you must configure the certificate separately for each component.