Before you upgrade security servers, perform these tasks to create backups and record configuration settings.

  • Verify that the virtual or physical machine on which the current security server is installed meets the system requirements for the new version.

    See Horizon Connection Server Requirements.

  • If the security server is installed in a virtual machine, take a snapshot of the virtual machine.

    For instructions on taking snapshots, see the vSphere Client online help. You can label the snapshot Upgrade Preparation Phase.

  • Open Horizon Administrator and document the settings for this security server. Go to View Configuration > Servers and click the Security Servers tab.

    For example, select the security server, click Edit, and take a screen shot of the settings.

  • Document the IP address and system name of the machine on which the security server is installed.
  • If you use load balancers for security servers, document the configuration settings for the load balancers.
Note: This topic does not describe the Horizon Administrator command called Prepare for Upgrade or Reinstallation, which is available from the Security Servers tab. That command removes IPsec rules for the security server, which stops all communication between the security server and the paired Connection Server instance. You will therefore use the command during the upgrade procedure, immediately before you upgrade the security server, as described in Upgrade Security Servers and Their Paired Connection Servers.