With the SviConfig command-line utility, you can upgrade the View Composer database separately from the View Composer software. This utility also creates a log file to simplify troubleshooting if the upgrade fails.

Important: Only experienced View Composer administrators should use the SviConfig utility. This utility is intended to resolve issues relating to the View Composer service.


  • Back up the View Composer database. For instructions, see the documentation for your database server.
  • Verify that you know the database source name (DSN) for the View Composer database.
  • Verify that you know the user name and password for the database administrator account for this database.


  1. On the vCenter Server virtual or physical machine, open a Windows command prompt and navigate to the SviConfig executable file.
    The file is located with the View Composer application. The default path is C:\Program Files (86)\VMware\VMware View Composer\sviconfig.exe.
  2. Enter the command to stop VMware View Composer.
    net stop svid
  3. Run the SviConfig databaseupgrade command.
    sviconfig -operation=databaseupgrade
    For example:
    sviconfig -operation=databaseupgrade -dsnname=LinkedClone
  4. When prompted, supply the password.
    A successful operation displays output that shows the upgrade steps.
    Establishing database connection.
    Database connection established successfully.
    Upgrading database.
    Load data from SVI_VC_CONFIG_ENTRY table.
    Update SVI_DEPLOYMENT_GROUP table.
    Update SVI_REPLICA table.
    Update SVI_SIM_CLONE table.
    SviConfig finished successfully.
    Database is upgraded successfully.
  5. Enter the command to start the View Composer.
    net start svid

    A complete log of the upgrade process is created and placed in C:\Users\All Users\VMware\View Composer\vmware-sviconfig.log.

What to do next

If the database upgrade fails, see Troubleshooting a View Composer Database Upgrade Failure.

If the result code is any number other than 0, which means success, see Result Codes for a Manual Database Schema Update.