You can install a standalone version of Horizon Persona Management on physical computers and virtual machines that are not managed by Horizon 7. With this software, you can manage user profiles across Horizon desktops and standalone systems.

The standalone Horizon Persona Management software operates on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems.

You can use the standalone Horizon Persona Management software to accomplish these goals:

  • Share user profiles across standalone systems and Horizon desktops.

    Your users can continue to use standalone systems as well as Horizon desktops with Horizon Persona Management. If you use the same Horizon Persona Management group policy settings to control Horizon desktops and physical systems, users can receive their up-to-date profiles each time they log in, whether they use their legacy computers or Horizon desktops.

    Note: Horizon Persona Management does not support concurrent active sessions. A user must log out of one session before logging in to another.
  • Migrate user profiles from physical systems to Horizon desktops

    If you intend to re-purpose legacy physical computers for use in a Horizon deployment, you can install standalone Horizon Persona Management on the legacy systems before you roll out Horizon desktops to your users. When users log in to their legacy systems, their profiles are stored on the Horizon remote profile repository. When users log in to their Horizon desktops for the first time, their existing profiles are downloaded to their Horizon desktops.

  • Perform a staged migration from physical systems to Horizon desktops

    If you migrate your deployment in stages, users who do not yet have access to Horizon desktops can use standalone Horizon Persona Management. As each set of Horizon desktops is deployed, users can access their profiles on their Horizon desktops, and the legacy systems can be phased out. This scenario is a hybrid of the previous scenarios.

  • Support up-to-date profiles when users go offline.
    Users of standalone laptops can disconnect from the network. When a user reconnects, Horizon Persona Management uploads the latest changes in the user's local profile to the remote profile repository.
    Note: Before a user can go offline, the user profile must be completely downloaded to the local system.