After you create a desktop pool, you cannot change certain configuration settings.

Table 1. Fixed Settings in an Existing Desktop Pool
Setting Description
Pool type After you create an automated, manual, or RDS desktop pool, you cannot change the pool type.
User assignment You cannot switch between dedicated assignments and floating assignments.
Type of virtual machine You cannot switch between full virtual machines and linked-clone virtual machines.
Pool ID You cannot change the pool ID.
Machine-naming and provisioning method To add virtual machines to a desktop pool, you must use the provisioning method that was used to create the pool. You cannot switch between specifying machine names manually and using a naming pattern.

If you specify names manually, you can add names to the list of machine names.

If you use a naming pattern, you can increase the maximum number of machines.

vCenter settings You cannot change vCenter settings for existing virtual machines.

You can change vCenter settings in the Edit dialog box, but the values affect only new virtual machines that are created after the settings are changed.

View Composer persistent disks You cannot configure persistent disks after a linked-clone desktop pool is created without persistent disks.
View Composer customization method After you customize a linked-clone desktop pool with QuickPrep or Sysprep, you cannot switch to the other customization method when you create or recompose virtual machines in the pool.