To migrate linked-clone virtual machines from one set of datastores to another, use the rebalance operation.

When you use rebalance, View Composer manages the movement of the linked clones between datastores. View Composer ensures that the linked clones' access to the replica is maintained during and after the rebalance operation. If necessary, View Composer creates an instance of the replica on the destination datastore.

Note: Do not use vSphere Client or vCenter Server to migrate or manage linked-clone virtual machines. Do not use Storage vMotion to migrate linked-clone virtual machines to other datastores.


Familiarize yourself with the rebalance operation. See Rebalance Linked-Clone Virtual Machines and Rebalancing Linked Clones Among Logical Drives.


  1. In View Administrator, select Catalog > Desktop Pools, select the desktop pool that you want to migrate, and click Edit.
  2. On the vCenter Settings tab, scroll down to Datastores and click Browse.
  3. On the Select Linked Clone Datastores page, deselect the datastores that currently store the linked clones, select the destination datastores, and click OK.
  4. In the Edit window, click OK.
  5. On the Desktop Pools page, select the pool by double-clicking the pool ID in the left column.
  6. Select Rebalance from the View Composer drop-down menu and follow the wizard instructions to rebalance the linked-clone virtual machines.


The linked-clone virtual machines are refreshed and migrated to the destination datastores.