You can use the silent installation feature of Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) to install View Agent Direct-Connection (VADC) Plug-In. In a silent installation, you use the command line and do not have to respond to wizard prompts.

With silent installation, you can efficiently deploy VADC Plug-In in a large enterprise. For more information on Windows Installer, see "Microsoft Windows Installer Command-Line Options" in the Setting Up Virtual Desktops in Horizon 7 document. VADC Plug-In supports the following MSI properties.
Table 1. MSI Properties for the Silent Installation of View Agent Direct-Connection Plug-In
MSI Property Description Default Value
LISTENPORT The TCP port that VADC Plug-In uses to accept remote connections. By default, the installer will configure Windows Firewall to allow traffic on the port. 443
MODIFYFIREWALL If set to 1, the installer will configure Windows Firewall to allow traffic on LISTENPORT. If set to 0, the installer will not. 1
DISABLE_SSLV3 If SSL 3.0 is already explicitly enabled or disabled in the registry, the installer ignores this property. Otherwise, the installer disables SSL 3.0 at the operating system level if this property is set to 1, and the installer performs no action if this property is set to 0. 1


  • Verify that Horizon Agent is installed. If your environment does not include Horizon Connection Server, install Horizon Agent from the command line and specify a parameter that tells Horizon Agent not to register with Horizon Connection Server. See Install Horizon 7 Agent for HTML Access.


  1. Open a Windows command prompt.
  2. Run the VADC Plug-In installer file with command-line options to specify a silent installation. You can optionally specify additional MSI properties.
    The following example installs VADC Plug-In with default options.

    VMware-viewagent-direct-connection--y.y.y-xxxxxx.exe /s

    The following example installs VADC Plug-In and specifies a TCP port that vadc will listen to for remote connections.

    VMware-viewagent-direct-connection--y.y.y-xxxxxx.exe /s /v"/qn LISTENPORT=9999"