After you connect to a server, Horizon Client creates a server shortcut. You can edit and remove server shortcuts.

Horizon Client saves the server name or IP address in a shortcut, even if you mistype the server name or type the wrong IP address. You can delete or change this information by editing the server name or IP address. If you do not type a server description, the server name or IP address becomes the server description.

Server shortcuts can appear on multiple pages and you can swipe across pages to see more shortcuts. Horizon Client creates pages, as needed, to accommodate all your server shortcuts.


  1. On the Servers tab, touch and hold the server shortcut until the context menu appears.
  2. Use the context menu to delete or modify the server shortcut.
    You can edit the server name, server description, and user name. You can also remove a credential that was saved for fingerprint authentication by tapping Remove Credential.