You can configure Horizon Client to start automatically when you switch the Android device to DeX desktop mode. The DeX mode auto launch feature is disabled by default.


  • Verify that the Android device supports Samsung DeX.
  • Verify that a system administrator has not configured a default server for Horizon Client. When a default server is configured, Horizon Client automatically connects to that server.


  1. Before you log in to a server, tap the Settings (gear) icon in the upper-right corner of the Horizon Client window.
  2. Tap Display, tap Dex Mode Auto Launch, and tap to toggle the Dex Mode Auto Launch option to on.


If you added a remote desktop or published application shortcut to the Android home screen, Horizon Client connects to the most recent shortcut after Horizon Client starts. For information about adding shortcuts to the Android home screen, see Add a Shortcut to the Android Home Screen or Chrome App Launcher.