Some features are different or unavailable when you use Horizon Client in thin client mode.

  • The Horizon Client window resolution is set to Auto-fit by default. The auto-fit resolution is the same as the thin client's HDMI output. For example, if the thin client supports HDMI 4K output, the auto-fit resolution is 4K. If the thin client supports HDMI 1080p output, the auto-fit resolution is 1920x1080. You can downscale the resolution by modifying the Horizon Client Resolution setting.
  • The Horizon Client Presentation Mode and Stay Awake display settings are not available.
  • You cannot modify the Horizon Client Keyboard settings.
  • The Horizon Client Tools radial menu is not available in remote desktops and published applications.
  • In general, the gestures you use in Horizon Client depend on the thin client model and the type of external input device that you use with the thin client. For example, you might have a keyboard, mouse, remote control, or game controller. See the documentation for the external input device for more information.
  • The Unity Touch sidebar contains Keyboard, Settings, and Disconnect icons. For more information, see Using the Unity Touch Sidebar with a Remote Desktop and Using the Unity Touch Sidebar with a Published Application.
  • The Unity Touch sidebar is supported on Remix Mini and NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV devices. The Unity Touch sidebar is not supported on Amazon Fire TV.
  • If you are connected to a remote desktop or published application from an Amazon Fire TV device, you must use a pop-up menu to display Horizon Client Settings and to disconnect from the remote desktop or published application. On a remote control or external keyboard, press the Menu button to display the pop-up menu.