Use Protocol Certificate Checking Mode to allow protocol connections on your Android devices.


  1. Tap the Settings (gear) icon in the upper-right corner of the Horizon Client window.
  2. Tap Security Options and then tap Protocol Certificate Checking Mode..
  3. Set the Protocol Certificate Checking Mode by selecting one of these options.
    • Thumbprint Verification (default) - only verify the thumbprint of the certificate
    • Thumbprint or PKI Verification -verification will be successful if the thumbprint or the PKI is valid
    • PKI and Thumbprint Verification - verification will be successful if both of the thumbprint and the PKI are valid
    • PKI Verification - only verify the PKI of the certificate
    Note: If CC Mode is enabled, PKI and Thumbprint Verification, or PKI Verification must be selected. See Configure Common Criteria Mode .