Resetting a remote desktop shuts down and restarts the desktop. Resetting a remote application quits the application. You might need to reset a desktop or application if the desktop operating system or application stops responding.

Resetting a remote desktop is the equivalent of pressing the Reset button on a physical PC to force the PC to restart. Any files that are open on the remote desktop will be closed without being saved first.

Resetting a remote application quits all remote applications and logs off all of your remote application sessions. Unsaved changes in remote applications might be lost.

Note: A View administrator can disable the reset feature for certain types of desktops. For more information, see the View Administration document.


  • Obtain credentials to log in, such as a user name and password, RSA SecurID user name and passcode, RADIUS authentication user name and passcode, or smart card personal identification number (PIN).


  1. On the Servers tab, tap the server shortcut to connect to the server.
  2. If prompted, supply your RSA user name and passcode, your Active Directory user name and password, or both.
  3. Touch and hold the desktop or application name until the context menu appears.
    You can perform this step from either the All or Favorites tab.
  4. Tap Reset in the context menu.
    Reset is available only if the status of the desktop or application is such that the action can be taken.