You can disconnect from a remote desktop without logging off, so that applications remain open on the remote desktop. You can also disconnect from a remote application so that the remote application remains open.

On a mobile device, when you are using a remote desktop or application in full-screen mode, you can disconnect by tapping the Horizon Client Tools radial menu icon and tapping the Disconnect icon. If you are not using full-screen mode, Disconnect is in the menu in the upper-right corner of the Horizon Client toolbar.

On a thin client, when you are connected to a remote desktop or application, you disconnect by clicking the Disconnect icon in the Unity Touch sidebar or in a pop-up menu, depending on your thin client model. For more information, see Using Horizon Client on a Thin Client.

Note: A Horizon administrator can configure your desktop to automatically log off when disconnected. In that case, any open programs in your desktop are stopped.