A Horizon administrator can use the Unauthenticated Access feature to create Unauthenticated Access users and entitle those users to remote applications on a Connection Server instance. Unauthenticated Access users can log in to the server anonymously to connect to their remote applications.


Obtain the following information from your Horizon administrator:

  • Instructions for whether to turn on a VPN (virtual private network) connection.

  • Server name to use for connecting to the server.

  • Port number to use for connecting to the server if the port is not 443.

  • An Unauthenticated Access user account to use for logging in anonymously.

Determine which mode of certificate verification checking to use. See Setting the Certificate Checking Mode for Horizon Client.


  1. If a VPN connection is required, turn on the VPN.
  2. On your Android device, tap the Horizon app icon.
  3. Tap the Settings (gear) icon in the upper-right corner of the Horizon Client window, tap Unauthenticated access, and select the Unauthenticated access check box.
  4. Connect to the server on which you have unauthenticated access to remote applications.



    Connect to a new server

    Enter the name of a server, enter a description (optional), and tap Connect.

    Connect to an existing server

    Tap the server shortcut on the Servers tab.

    Connections between Horizon Client and servers always use SSL. The default port for SSL connections is 443. If the server is not configured to use the default port, use the format shown in this example: view.company.com:1443.

  5. When the login window appears, select a user account from the User account drop-down menu, if required.

    If only one user account is available, the user account is automatically selected.

  6. (Optional) Select the Always use this account check box to bypass the login window the next time you connect to the server.

    To deselect this setting before you connect to the server the next time, touch and hold the server shortcut until the context menu appears, tap Edit, tap Forget the saved Unauthenticated Access account (name), and tap Done.

  7. Tap Connect to log in to the server.

    The application selection window appears.

  8. Tap an application icon to start the application.


After you connect to a remote application for the first time, a shortcut for the application is saved to the Recent tab. The next time you want to connect to the application, you can tap the shortcut instead of tapping the server icon.