You can log off from a remote desktop operating system, even if you do not have a desktop open in Horizon Client. If you are currently connected to and logged in to a remote desktop, you can use the Windows Start menu to log off. After Windows logs you off, the desktop is disconnected.


Obtain the credentials that you use to log in, such as your Active Directory user name and password, RSA SecurID user name and passcode, or RADIUS authentication user name and passcode.


  1. On the Servers tab, tap the server shortcut.
  2. If prompted, supply your RSA user name and passcode, your Active Directory user name and password, or both.
  3. Touch and hold the desktop name until the context menu appears.
    You can perform this step from either the All or Favorites tab.
  4. Tap Log Off in the context menu.


Any unsaved files that are open on the remote desktop are closed during the logoff operation.

What to do next

Tap the Android Back button or the Disconnect icon in the upper-right corner of the window and tap Log Out to disconnect from the server.