You can configure AirWatch to deliver Horizon Client to Android device users.

You can optionally specify a list of Connection Server instances or a default Connection Server instance. If you specify a list of servers, the servers appear as shortcuts in Horizon Client. If you specify a default server, Horizon Client connects to that server automatically.

If your environment is set up for Android for Work, do not follow this procedure. Instead, see Configure AirWatch to Deliver Horizon Client to Android for Work Devices.


  • Install and deploy AirWatch. See

  • Download the Horizon Client app from the VMware Downloads page at, from Google Play, or from the Amazon Appstore for Android.

  • Become familiar with the AirWatch console. This procedure assumes that you know how to use the AirWatch console. For more information, see the AirWatch documentation or online help.

  • Decide which version of Horizon Client to deploy with the AirWatch console. The AirWatch console cannot deploy both the ARM and the x86 version at the same time.


  1. Log in to the AirWatch console as an administrator.
  2. Select Accounts > Users > List View, click Add, select Add User, and add user accounts for the users who will run Horizon Client on their Android devices.
  3. Select Accounts > Users > User Groups > List View, click Add, select Add User Group, and create a user group for the user accounts that you created.
  4. Create an application profile for Horizon Client in AirWatch.
    1. Select Apps & Books > Applications > Application Settings > Profiles and click Add Profile.
    2. Select the SDK Profile configuration type.
    3. Select the Android profile type.
    4. (Optional) Click Custom Settings to configure a list of servers or a default server.

      Use the server property to specify the IP address or host name of the server, the username and domain properties to specify the name and domain of a user that is entitled to use the server, and the description property to specify a description of the server. The username, domain, and description properties are optional. For example:

        "settings": {
            {"server":"123.456.1.1","username":"User1","domain":"TestDomain1","description":"View server 1"},
            {"server":"123.456.1.2","username":"User2","domain":"TestDomain2","description":"View server 2"},
            {"server":"123.456.1.3","username":"User3","domain":"TestDomain3","description":"View server 3"},
            {"server":"","username":"User4","domain":"TestDomain4","description":"View server 4"}

      You can use the default property to specify a default server. Valid values are true and false. For example:

        "settings": {
            {"server":"123.456.1.1","username":"User1","domain":"TestDomain1","description":"View server 1","default":true},
  5. Upload and add the Horizon Client application to AirWatch.
    1. Select Apps & Books > Applications > List View and click Add Application on the Internal tab.
    2. Browse to the Horizon Client app that you downloaded and click Save to upload the application to AirWatch.
    3. On the Info tab, type an application name and specify the supported mobile device models.
    4. On the Assignment tab, assign the Horizon Client application to the user group that you created.
    5. On the Deployment tab, set Application uses AirWatch SDK to Yes and select the SDK profile that you created from the SDK Profile drop-down menu.
    6. Publish the Horizon Client application.
  6. Install and set up the AirWatch Agent on each device.

    You can download the AirWatch Agent from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore for Android.

  7. Use the AirWatch console to install the Horizon Client application on the devices.

    You cannot install the Horizon Client application before the effective date on the Deployment tab.


AirWatch delivers Horizon Client to the devices in the user group that you associated with the Horizon Client application.

When a user starts Horizon Client, Horizon Client communicates with the AirWatch Agent on the device. If you configured a list of Connection Server instances, AirWatch pushes the server information to the AirWatch Agent on the device and shortcuts for those servers appear in Horizon Client.

What to do next

You can use the AirWatch console to edit the Horizon Client application and push those changes to devices.