You can use properties in the setting-list section to configure application settings. All the properties are optional.

Property Description
screen_scaling Configures display scaling. Valid values are "1/2", "2/3", "3/4", "Auto-fit", or "No Scaling".
screen_resolution Configures the screen resolution. Valid values are "1024*768", "1280*1024", "1600*1200", "Auto-fit", or "No Scaling".
enable_log Enables or disables the log collection feature. Valid values are "true" or "false".
send_log_email The email address, for example, "", to send log files. This email address appears in the To: field by default when a user uses the log collection feature. See Manually Retrieve and Send Horizon Client Log Files.
all_monitor Enables or disables multiple-monitor mode. Valid values are "true" or "false".
default_startscreen Configures the Horizon Client default view. Valid values are "recent" or "servers".
ssl_tls Configures the security protocol, or protocols, that Horizon Client uses. Valid values are "tlsv1.1", "tlsv1.2", or "tlsv1.1,tlsv1.2". If you specify this property without a valid value, "tlsv1.1,tlsv1.2" is used.
ssl_cipher_string Specifies the default TLS cipher control string.
security_mode Configures the certificate checking mode. Valid values are "verify", "warn", or "don't verify".
enable_h264 Enables or disables H.264 decoding. Valid values are "true" or "false".
enable_dpi_sync Enables or disables the DPI synchronization feature. Valid values are "true" or "false".
camera Specifies whether to use the front or back camera on the device. Valid values are "front" or "rear".
enable_unauthenticated_access Enables or disables the Unauthenticated Access feature. Valid values are "true" or "false".

The following JSON configuration file example includes application properties in the setting-list section.

  "broker_list": "
          \"settings\": {
              \"server-list\": [{
                  \"server\": \"123.456.1.1\",
                  \"description\": \"View Server 1\",
                  \"username\": \"User1\",
                  \"domain\": \"TestDomain1\"
              }, {
                  \"server\": \"123.456.1.2\",
                  \"description\": \"View Server 2\",
                  \"username\": \"User2\",
                  \"domain\": \"TestDomain2\"
              }, {
                  \"server\": \"123.456.1.3\",
                  \"description\": \"View Server 3\",
                  \"username\": \"User3\",
                  \"domain\": \"TestDomain3\"
              }, {
                  \"server\": \"\",
                  \"description\": \"View Server 4\",
                  \"username\": \"User4\",
                  \"domain\": \"TestDomain4\"