When the screen freezes, first, try resetting the remote desktop operating system.


Horizon Client does not work or repeatedly exits unexpectedly or the remote desktop freezes.


Assuming that View servers are configured properly and that firewalls surrounding them have the correct ports open, other issues usually relate to Horizon Client on the device or to the guest operating system on the remote desktop.


  • If the operating system in the remote desktop freezes, use Horizon Client on the device to reset the desktop.
    This option is available only if the View administrator has enabled this feature.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app on the device.
  • If resetting the remote desktop and reinstalling Horizon Client do not help, you can reset the Chrome OS device, as described in the device user guide.
  • If you get a connection error when you attempt to connect to the server, you might need to change your proxy settings.