You can use the top menu bar in a remote desktop window to perform common tasks in a remote desktop.

  • To open the top menu bar in a remote desktop, move your mouse to the top of the remote desktop window until the top menu bar appears.
  • To use the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keyboard shortcut inside a remote desktop, click Send Ctrl+Alt+Delete to the to current work area in the top menu bar.
  • To enter full screen mode, click Fullscreen in the top menu bar. To exit full screen mode, click Quit Fullscreen in the top menu bar.
  • To use the Esc key in a remote desktop when the remote desktop is in full screen mode, click Send ESC in the top menu bar.
  • To disconnect from a remote desktop, click Disconnect in the top menu bar, or click the X (Close) button in the upper-right corner of the remote desktop window.
  • To view information about Horizon Client, click About in the top menu bar.

To switch to another open remote desktop, click that remote desktop window. You can also browse through all the open remote desktops (including local and published applications) on the client device by pressing Alt+Tab. To focus on a selected remote desktop, release the Alt key.

For information about logging off from a remote desktop, see Log Off or Disconnect. For information about restarting a remote desktop, see Restart a Remote Desktop. For information about resetting a remote desktop, see Reset Remote Desktops or Published Applications.