When an administrator activates the clipboard audit feature, Horizon Agent records information about copy and paste activity in an event log in the agent machine. The clipboard audit feature is deactivated by default.

To activate the clipboard audit feature, you must configure the Configure clipboard audit group policy setting.

You can optionally configure the Whether block clipboard redirection to client side when client doesn't support audit group policy setting to specify whether to block clipboard redirection to clients that do not support the clipboard audit feature.

For more information about the group policy settings for clipboard redirection, see the Horizon Remote Desktop Features and GPOs document.

The event log where information about copy and paste activity is recorded is named VMware Horizon RX Audit. To view the event log in the agent machine, use the Windows event viewer. To view the event log from a centralized location, configure VMware Log Insight or Windows Event Collector. For information about Log Insight, go to https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Log-Insight/index.html. For information about Windows Event Collector, see the Microsoft documentation.