This guide describes how to install, configure, and use VMware Horizon® Client™ for Chrome. This guide is written for administrators and end users of Horizon Client for Chrome.

You can also access this guide through the Help action in the Horizon Client user interface.

Horizon Client communicates with a server, which acts as a broker between the client device and remote desktops and published applications. You enter credentials into Horizon Client, the server authenticates your credentials, and then the server finds the remote desktops and published applications that you are entitled to use.

How to Use This Guide

To get the help that you need from this guide, refer to the chapters that apply to your role and use case.

For end users and administrators - If you are an end user who needs to use Horizon Client to connect to remote desktops and applications and work in remote sessions, see the following chapters. These chapters also contain information relevant to administrators.

For administrators - If you are an administrator who needs to set up a VMware Horizon deployment that includes Chrome clients, see the following chapters. These chapters are written for experienced system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technology and data center operations.