The device on which you use Horizon Client for Chrome must meet certain software requirements.

Device models


Operating systems

Chrome OS 44 or later

CPU architecture

ARM or x86

Remote desktops and published applications

A Horizon administrator must configure certain pool and farm settings and install Horizon Agent on virtual desktops and RDS hosts in the data center. See Prepare Desktops, Pools, and Farms.

Connection Server, security server, and View Agent or Horizon Agent

Horizon 6 version 6.2.6 or Horizon 7 version 7.4 and later releases.

To connect to a Horizon 7 version 7.4 server, you must register the Horizon Client for Chrome extension on the server. This change is not required for Horizon 6 version 6.2.6 or Horizon 7 version 7.5 and later servers. For more information see Register the VMware Horizon Client for Chrome Extension.

If client systems connect from outside the corporate firewall, use a security server or a Unified Access Gateway appliance so that client systems do not require a VPN connection.

For more information, see Preparing Connection Server and Security Servers.

Third-party firewalls

Firewalls must allow inbound traffic on certain TCP ports. See Firewall Rules for Client Web Browser Access.

Display protocol

VMware Blast (requires Horizon Agent 7.0 or later)