When you enable log collection, Horizon Client collects log information that can help VMware troubleshoot problems with Horizon Client.

You cannot enable log collection after you connect to a remote desktop or published application.


Connect to a server.


  1. Click the Settings toolbar button in the upper-right corner of the desktop and application selector window.
  2. To enable log collection, turn on the Collect Log option in the Settings window.

    To disable log collection, you can turn off the Collect Log option.

  3. Browse to and select a folder in which to save the log file and click Save.

    The default log filename is vmware-horizon-chromeclient-xxxx-xx-xx.log, where xxxx-xx-xx is the year, month, and day. You can customize the log filename.

    After you click Save, the path to the folder that you selected, and the log filename, appear under the Collection Log option in the Settings window. You can click this information to change the path or log filename.

  4. To close the Settings window, click Close.


Horizon Client collects and saves logging information continuously until you quit Horizon Client.