You can set a configuration property so that the client uses only FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 approved cryptographic algorithms and protocols to establish a remote PCoIP connection. This mode is not supported on Horizon Client 3.4 or 3.5.


View PCoIP FIPS mode does not support AES-256 encryption algorithms.

This setting applies to both server and client. You can configure either endpoint or both endpoints to operate in FIPS mode. Configuring a single endpoint to operate in FIPS mode limits the encryption algorithms that are available for session negotiation.


If you enable FIPS mode on one endpoint but the other endpoint does not support cryptographic algorithms that are approved by FIPS 140-2, the connection will fail.

When this setting is disabled or not configured, FIPS mode is not used.

To enable or disable FIPS mode, you can set the pcoip.enable_fips_mode property. Setting the property to 1 turns on FIPS mode, and setting the property to 0 turns off FIPS mode. For example, the following setting turns on FIPS mode:

 pcoip.enable_fips_mode = 1

Use a space before and after the equals (=) sign.

You can set this property in any of several files. When Horizon Client starts up, the setting is processed from various locations in the following order:

  1. /etc/teradici/pcoip_admin_defaults.conf

  2. ~/.pcoip.rc

  3. /etc/teradici/pcoip_admin.conf

If a setting is defined in multiple locations, the value that is used is the value from the last file read.