You can enable FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) mode so that the client uses FIPS-compliant cryptographic algorithms when communicating with remote desktops.

Important: If you enable FIPS mode in the client, the remote desktop must have FIPS mode enabled as well. Mixed mode, where only the client, or only the desktop, has FIPS mode enabled, is not supported.

To enable FIPS mode, make the following configuration changes:

  1. Edit /etc/vmware/config and add the following lines:
    usb.enableFIPSMode = "TRUE"
    mks.enableFIPSMode = “TRUE”
  2. Edit /etc/vmware/view-mandatory-config and add the following line:
    View.fipsMode = ”TRUE”
  3. Edit /etc/teradici/pcoip_admin.conf and add the following line:
    pcoip.enable_fips_mode = 1