The USB redirection feature is available only with certain versions of the client software.

For the Horizon Client software provided by third-party vendors, the USB redirection feature has the following requirements:

  • The version of View Agent and View Connection Server must be View 5.1 or later.
  • The USB filtering features and device splitting features described in this document are available with View Connection Server 5.1 and later.

For more information about VMware thin-client and zero-client partners, see the VMware Compatibility Guide. To use the USB components available for third-party vendors, certain files must be installed in certain locations, and certain processes must be configured to start before Horizon Client is launched. These details are beyond the scope of this document.

For Horizon Client, the USB redirection feature has the following requirements:

  • The remote desktop must have View Agent 6.0.2 or later installed.
  • You must be using the VMware Blast or PCoIP display protocol.

If you use Horizon 6.0.1 and later, you can plug USB 3.0 devices into USB 3.0 ports. USB 3.0 devices are supported only with a single stream. Because multiple stream support is not yet implemented, USB device performance is not enhanced. Note that on the Linux client system, i386 processors are supported, whereas armel and armhf architectures are not. The Linux kernel version must be 2.6.35 or later.