If you have a Ubuntu system, you can install the client from the Ubuntu Software Center as an alternative to installing the version provided on the VMware Downloads Web site. If you use the Ubuntu Software Center, you install the client by using the Synaptic Package Manager.

This topic provides instructions for obtaining the client software from the Ubuntu software Center. You can also obtain the Horizon Client software from the VMware Product Downloads Web site, as described in Install or Upgrade Horizon Client for Linux from VMware Product Downloads.

Important: Customers using Linux-based thin clients must contact their thin client vendor for Horizon Client updates. Customers who have successfully built their own Linux-based endpoints and need an updated client must contact their VMware sales representative.



  1. On your Linux laptop or PC, enable Canonical Partners.
    1. From the Ubuntu menu bar, select System > Administration > Update Manager.
    2. Click the Settings button and supply the password for performing administrative tasks.
    3. In the Software Sources dialog box, click the Other Software tab and select the Canonical Partners check box to select the archive for software that Canonical packages for their partners.
    4. Click Close and follow the instructions to update the package list.
  2. If you have Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04, download and install the package from the Ubuntu software Center, as follows.
    1. Open a Terminal window and enter the command to get new packages:
      sudo apt-get update
      New packages are downloaded, and you see a list of the packages in the Terminal window.
    2. Open the Update Manager, check for updates, and install updates.
    3. Open the Ubuntu Software Center app, and search on vmware-view-client.
    4. Install the vmware-view-client app.
      If your operating system is Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04, the latest version of Horizon Client is installed.
    An application icon for VMware Horizon Client appears in the Application Launcher.

What to do next

Start Horizon Client and verify that you can log in to the correct virtual desktop. See Connect to a Remote Desktop or Application.