You can connect to published applications using an unauthenticated access account with Horizon Client.

About this task


Obtain the following information from your Horizon administrator:

  • Instructions about whether to turn on a VPN (virtual private network) connection.

  • Name of server on which you have unauthenticated access to remote applications.

  • If the port is not 443, the port number to use for connecting to the server.

  • An Unauthenticated Access user account to use for logging in anonymously, if necessary.

  • Instructions about whether to select Log in anonymously using Unauthenticated Access in Horizon Client.

If your system administrator instructs you to configure the certificate checking mode, see Setting the Certificate Checking Mode in Horizon Client.


  1. If a VPN connection is required, turn on the VPN.
  2. Either open a terminal window and enter vmware-view or search the applications for VMware Horizon Client, and double-click the icon.
  3. In the Horizon Client home screen, select File > Log in anonymously using Unauthenticated Access from the menu bar, if it is not already selected.
  4. Connect to the Connection Server that is configured for unauthenticated access.
    • If the server that you need has not yet been added, double-click the + Add Server button if no servers have yet been added or click the + New Server button in the menu bar to add a new one, and enter the name of the Connection Server or a security server, and click Connect.

    • If the server that you need is displayed in the Horizon Client home screen, right-click the icon for the server and select Connect from the context menu.

    You might see a message that you must confirm before the login dialog box appears.

  5. In the Server Login dialog box, specify the unauthenticated access account to use.
    1. Select a user account from the drop-down list of existing unauthenticated access accounts.

      The default user account has (default) displayed next to it.

    2. (Optional) Click Always use this account if you want to bypass the Server Login dialog box the next time you connect to the server.
    3. Click OK.

    The application selector window appears and displays the published applications that the unauthenticated access account is authorized to use.


    If you had selected the Always use this account option during a previous unauthenticated access login session, you will not be prompted for the account to use for the current unauthenticated access session. To deselect this option, right-click the icon for the server in the Horizon Client home screen, and select Forget the saved Unauthenticated Access account from the context menu.

  6. To start an application, double-click the application icons to launch it.

    The application window appears.

  7. Exit the application after you are done using it.

    The Disconnect from Session dialog box appears asking if you want to disconnect from the server.


If the session timeout specified by your Horizon administrator is reached, the session is automatically disconnected from the server.