The DPI Synchronization feature ensures that the DPI setting in a remote desktop or published application matches the client system's DPI setting. When you start a new remote session, Horizon Agent sets the DPI value in the remote session to match the DPI value of the client system.


The DPI synchronization feature is not supported on Raspberry Pi devices.

The DPI Synchronization feature cannot change the DPI setting for active remote sessions. If you reconnect to an existing remote session, the Display Scaling feature scales the remote desktop appropriately.

The DPI Synchronization feature is enabled by default. A Horizon administrator can disable the DPI synchronization feature. End users cannot enable or disable the feature from Horizon Client.

Not all remote desktops support the DPI Synchronization feature. For more information, see the VMware Horizon Client for Linux Installation and Setup Guide.

When the DPI Synchronization feature and the Display Scaling feature are both enabled, only one feature takes effect at any given time. Display scaling occurs only when DPI synchronization has not yet taken effect (that is, before the DPI setting on the remote desktop matches the DPI setting on the client system), and display scaling stops working after the DPI settings match.

Following are tips for using the DPI Synchronization feature.

  • If you start a remote session on a client system that has a DPI setting of more than 100 percent, and then use the same session on another client system that has a different DPI setting of more than 100 percent, you must log out and log back in to the remote session on the second client system to make DPI synchronization work on the second client system.